Nifty Links 3: DIY Totes and Tee

First post of 2013 is for Nifty Links! With lots of posts still in my drafts, I decided to make way for this first. I couldn’t resist sharing new finds from the interwebz.

Click on the links to be redirected. All photos are from the lovely blogs in this post.


2. How to print your own fabric with a potato via Childerhouseblog

3. Feather Tee via Sincerely, Kinsey

Are you a sucker for totes and tees like I am? I love to collect totes especially now that we need to control plastic waste. It’s good to know that tote bags are widely used in the metro these days. But how cool is it to make or design your own tote bag? These tutorials help us design our tote or tees aside from screen printing. I went nuts when I learned about iron-on printing. Does anybody try it already? NEED-TO-BUY-MATERIALS-NOW. HEE.

As per the hand-stamped feather tee, it’s so lovely, isn’t it? And this inspired me to make my own foam stamps, too.

Susuwatari (from the movie Sprited Away)

Pine tree  (inspired by everyday scene in the Cordillera)

Check out Eula’s blog post for a tutorial.

All of these are on my to-do list now. Give ’em a try, too!

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