Some Recurring Themes in the 1969 movie ‘A Thousand and One Nights’

Fight for loveĀ 

Aladdin immediately falls in love with Miriam and wants to win her in the bidding, however, he is unfortunate to do so. After their lovemaking, they found out they are locked up in the house of Suleiman. The minister’s son who actually has the rights for Miriam learns about this and tells the police to get her. Alladin is accused of killing Suleiman and tortured. They are apart until Miriam gives birth to their daughter, Yahliz, and soon dies right after. Suleiman manages to escape death’s door and tries to find Miriam back in Baghdad and he learns about her passing. The power of love prevails again when her daughter, Yahliz, falls in love with a shepherd Aslan and breaks the rules just to be with him. It seems that despite of their patriarchal system wherein women are treated as a commodity and they are bound only to follow, Miriam and Yahliz make a stand and fight for it.

Good fortune

Aladdin being a water seller from the start is able to save himself from all the dangers his enemies inflict. He is able to find the hideout of some thieves and is tempted to steal some of their treasure. He is also lucky to find this magical ship and becomes the richest man in their country. He challenges the king of Baghdad and wins.

Search for happiness

Aladdin wants to go to Baghdad because he knows this is the place where all good things are everywhere except the bad politics happening there. From the start, he thinks women is his happiness. He is happy when he is with Miriam yet after losing her, he meets another girl named Mahdya and wants to travel the world with her. They reach an island where amazons live and seduce him. He does not want to leave the place and let Mahdya go away. He enjoys all the pleasure and sex but then he finds out their secret. These pretty women turn to serpent at night. And he finds the magic ship and becomes rich, he becomes the king of Baghdad and asks his men to build him a tower that can reach the sun. He then realizes that power makes him a different person. He abandons the city and return to his life being a commoner to seek true happiness.

Greed and Power Hunger

This is about Badli, the police officer, who is a traitor and has his own interests to gain power in the dirtiest possible ways. He works for the minister and the thieves at the same time. He then kills the minister for his position. He also does this with Sinbad a.k.a. Aladdin. He serves him but in the end he puts him to a trial by making all the evidences ready before his eyes. He also treats women as toys and doing it with them for his own pleasure and interests.

To sum up, the movie tells about common issues we have in our society. It leaves some thoughts to ponder and learning how to deal with it on our own. Sometimes the odds can be on our side but most of times not. We should know how to use our common sense and make sound decisions. In this life, happiness is what people sought after. But to be able to conquer that, you must conquer yourself first.