Thirsty for Baby Blood

First of, I really missed this blog. I was plunged (I still am) with school and work stuff in the past few months, I owe lots of travel stories and musings. But for now let me share a story about aswang for my Mythology class.

Mang Atong told me an account of his own encounter with an aswang. It was the night when his wife delivered their fifth and last child. There was a problem with the baby’s urinary system so they had to call for ambulance to bring her to a nearest general hospital. The clinic was located in Tondo so they decided to bring her to Fabella Hospital in Sta. Cruz, Manila. Unfortunately, there was no available apparatus since the baby needed an immediate operation. They hurried to another big hospital nearby which is Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital. On their way, suddenly an unusual large black dog came running behind the ambulance. Its eyes were red and had voracious looks. At first he thought it was just a common street dog despite the unbelievable size but when he noticed that it never stopped following them, he became apprehensive. He asked the driver to speed up because that black dog might be an aswang. At last, they were able to make it to the hospital and lost the dog on their way. That was a night to remember for him. It made him believe about the legends of a shape-shifting evil creature who was thirsty for blood that very night. The end.

When I was child, I was sucker for horror stories. And now I grew more and more afraid I can’t even watch a horror film by myself. Up until now I can still hear stories like this from other people even in the metro. What could be the truth behind all these aswang notions? Do they really exist? Do they STILL exist? Good thing I haven’t encountered one because I wouldn’t know what to do. I just do hope they don’t EVER exist!