Thirsty for Baby Blood

First of, I really missed this blog. I was plunged (I still am) with school and work stuff in the past few months, I owe lots of travel stories and musings. But for now let me share a story about aswang for my Mythology class.

Mang Atong told me an account of his own encounter with an aswang. It was the night when his wife delivered their fifth and last child. There was a problem with the baby’s urinary system so they had to call for ambulance to bring her to a nearest general hospital. The clinic was located in Tondo so they decided to bring her to Fabella Hospital in Sta. Cruz, Manila. Unfortunately, there was no available apparatus since the baby needed an immediate operation. They hurried to another big hospital nearby which is Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital. On their way, suddenly an unusual large black dog came running behind the ambulance. Its eyes were red and had voracious looks. At first he thought it was just a common street dog despite the unbelievable size but when he noticed that it never stopped following them, he became apprehensive. He asked the driver to speed up because that black dog might be an aswang. At last, they were able to make it to the hospital and lost the dog on their way. That was a night to remember for him. It made him believe about the legends of a shape-shifting evil creature who was thirsty for blood that very night. The end.

When I was child, I was sucker for horror stories. And now I grew more and more afraid I can’t even watch a horror film by myself. Up until now I can still hear stories like this from other people even in the metro. What could be the truth behind all these aswang notions? Do they really exist? Do they STILL exist? Good thing I haven’t encountered one because I wouldn’t know what to do. I just do hope they don’t EVER exist!




10a Alabama haul


Another Arts and Crafts Fair was held at 10a Alabama last July 20-21. Which means another haul! In fact, it’s been over a year since Monsterella joined 10a Alabama. We’ve met most of the crafters/ sellers along the way. One way of helping each other is to buy or sometimes we do “X-deals” where we exchange our handmade goodies instead (that’s the most exciting part ikr). You get what you love and they get what they love among your work. What a very sweet deal. There are always a lot of wonderful stuff at the fair. Your wallet should get ready for it.

As for me, I really need to control my expenses since I buy a lot in previous fairs, I got to take home these cuties nonetheless.

top L-R: Inkylivie place cards, “believe” bracelet from Bits and Pieces PH aka hellogelibee, Austen scent by Aromateria Scents and Sensibilities

bottom L-R: leather purse from Bags by Rubbertree and wooden clothespins from Artefacts

Inkylivie  paper goods are so pretty. She also has 4 piece cards with envelopes for 200 pesos only and more. All designs were hand-drawn by her too bad I wasn’t able to take photos. I did last minute shopping that time. I bought these as Thank you cards for my birthday mail swap.

Geli, also a part of Pop pins, finally launched her own line of hand-picked and handmade goodies through Bits and Pieces and this bracelet belonged to it. I chose “believe” for so many reasons. Check out her on stock items.

I’ve been dying to try solid perfume by Aromateria and take note I got it through an X-deal. I traded a crafting apron for the Austen scent. She loved it and used it right away to attract other customers/sellers. Instant endorser, indeed. Told you, X-deal is the sweetest thing. I’m not sure if solid perfumes are just new in the market but I find her scents really good and handy. I just wish I wouldn’t mistaken it as my lip balm haha. She also offers other aroma therapy products all handmade with love.

Next is what I consider a gift to myself. I totally love all the bags and other leather crafts of Bags by Rubbertree. So hip and long-lasting for sure. Selection of colors is wide and catchy. I wish to buy me their sling bag, too. I need to work harder for it, though. Lastly, we needed clothespins to hang our totes and they just came in handy.

I swear there are more goodies I really love but I will just save my money for the next fair. Hope you can take a visit at 10a Alabama. If you’re from Quezon City, it’s just nearby St. Lukes, E. Rodriguez. I just mentioned a few here to give you ideas of what to check out at the fair. I also made another quick shop guide here. The most thrilling part is everything you see at the fair were all handmade and designed by the crafters/sellers. You may also have a chit-chat with them.

See you there next time?


fete dela wsk

Fete dela Musique ’13, MNL

Reggae stage



Main stage








CBI crowd


with Armi


Martin Luther BB King of Naive New Beaters. Seriously.


Fete dela musique aka WORLD MUSIC DAY taking place on June 21 in cities around the world. It first took place in Paris.

In Manila, bands perform in different stages depending on their music genre- world, reggae, ska, jazz, hiphop, and so on.

This year’s fete was amazing as always. We look forward to the next.

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Life in Low-res 3: In the Neighborhood

Just noticed I post life in low-res entries back to back with my travel/hiking stories. Well, that’s all I’ve have so far in this blog. Check out my newly-made custom menu (see navigation above) to keep track of these two categories. I will have a room for diy/craft projects as well soon. Ahh! I want too many things in life and hopefully universe will grant me time and perseverance for it. Been occupied with Monsterella work and regular job woes these days. Good God!

To start with, there’s nothing really special about my neighborhood. It’s a kind of slum area, I admit. I moved there late last year. Only good thing is it’s a 4-storey apartment building and I occupied a room in the third floor. At least, the noise and the unpleasant sights are somehow reduced. It has a rooftop where I standby at times to get some fresh air. It has a good view of the North Harbor and Manila bay, too. When the sky is clear enough, it gives a silhouette view of a mountain probably in Bataan.

Not so good view of North Harbor it is.


Next eyesore is this dull building. I wonder how and why they came up with this structure.

Photo story: They seem like buddies hiding but their heads are too big to be hidden. Making it easier for their enemies to seek them. HAHA. (Sorry. Been watching video documentaries about WAR in Afghanistan so I came up with this.)

That’s all the I could shoot around my not-so-cool neighborhood. How I wish I was living in a serene, green, and cool place. I would take a walk around and sit on a bench overseeing lush green trees and blooming flowers. I would definitely take lots of photos then. I smell fresh air. No noise pollution around. Everything was dreamy and picturesque. Guess it’s in a countryside. Far from the urban jungle we’ve been struggling all through years. That’s why I love to travel and go hiking to see what I always picture in my mind. I just don’t want to go back at times.

Much more of a neighborhood is no one else but neighbors. The people you see around and get to deal with sometimes. For me, they are my co-tenants in the said apartment. They are typical but snob neighbors. They just talk to you when they have complaints or something. I remain civil to them no matter what. However, I’m planning to move to a much better one as soon as possible.

There, I thought I could possibly make this post a pleasant one but turned out to be a room for my rants. Forgive me.

Searching for a cool neighborhood,

Joycee x