Joycee Goes Places

Traveling is one of my leisure whenever there’s a long holiday and extra bucks I have. I’m a budget traveler so I prefer DIY trips and backpacking adventures. Most of my trips take place in Luzon (biggest part of the Philippines) where I can go hiking, swimming, surfing (at times), and sightseeing. I really wish to go down south and as well as abroad. There are still plenty that I have to tick off my bucket list.

And speaking of traveling, how cannot we document it even with just phone camera? Although I usually bring a point and shoot cam, I still shoot with my phone so I could instantly share around the world through SNS. Not sure if many of you are familiar with VSCO CameraMost probably if you’re an “instagrammer” and you are so bored with their same old filters, VSCO is another way to spice up your images with a hint of vintage-ish and hazy feels. Instant analog yo! Though I bet analog photographers would dig it, too that’s if they are not so purist.

So apparently I’m that kind of traveler who is fond of shooting sceneries, facades, odd but cute stuff, portraits of other people instead of taking selfies-with-a-little-portion-of-the-backdrop (not to mention jumpshots too) ha ha!  With VSCO, it makes my shots more interesting and memorable or I just think. And lately they established VSCO profiles where we can follow other users around the world. But of course, I had to make myself one and I ought to post my travel photos solely. Here are some of it:



More on my travel diary on VSCO or Instagram.

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In the Pines

For the second time around, I capped the (previous) year in a place where the cold wind blows, where the smell of pines is typical, and your hips might complain for non-stop hiking.

Original plan was to head for Kalinga and visit Fang-Od (the last mambabatok) to have fertility ring etched on my skin in a traditional way of tattooing. Sadly, the allotted days were not enough so we decided to stay in Baguio instead.

It was too quick that all we did was to visit the parks which are less crowded, stare at the pines (or more appropriately sniff its scent), pick some fallen pine cones and twigs, and Ukay raid, of course.

We should have gone to Tam-awan Village and Bencab Museum, I know. I save it when we come back.

Hence, here are some snaps from wandering and wondering around the City of Pines!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetIMG_20131229_172256IMG_20131230_110848IMG_20140101_090221 hundred-year-old sculpted pine tree near Mines View Park

IMG_20131230_094127 bb pineIMG_20131230_122729

along the Eco trail2013-12-30-13-50-29_photoIMG_20131230_134615 bookshop on the clouds .. err mountainsIMG_20131230_144536 Rizal Day commemoration at Oh My GulayIMG_20131230_161937IMG_20131230_162833 Spazzkid in the pinesIMG_20131230_140820It’s always a nice way to bid farewell to a challenging but pleasant year (2013). May we all carry new hopes and become more productive and make life a lot meaningful this new year.


All photos were taken using a mobile phone only. Follow me on Instagram.