Strangely Beautiful Mix

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Here’s a mix of what we often play whenever we work on handmade stuff. Music keeps us inspired and imaginative. We wander through the world that only Hayao Miyazaki could make with the melancholic tunes of Joe HisaishiClub 8‘s Strangely Beautiful album also gave us an idea of making plushies that are out of the box. Say a bunny that doesn’t really look like one. Sheep that has deer’s antlers or cat’s ears. Who cares? As long as we make them cute and cuddly.

01. Ashitaka and San- Joe Hisaishi (Princess Mononoke OST)

02. Il Porco Rosso- Joe Hisaishi (Porco Rosso OST)

03. Oka Asan- Joe Hisaishi (My Neighbor Totoro OST)

04. You’re a Beautiful Loser- Acid House Kings

05. Stay By My Side- Club 8

06. Saturday Night Engine- Club 8

07. Undertow- Ivy

08. Honey & Clover

09. Butterfly- Tornado Tatsumaki

10. Still- Moscow Olympics

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Free “Support Handmade” buttons

FREEBIE! Grab your own button! Thanks for the tutorial. 😉



Show some love for handmade by grabbing these cute “Support Handmade” buttons brought to you by Monsterella. Check out the sidebar for the codes. Feel free to share with other fellow crafty folks, friends, or advocates.


Actual size of the images are relatively smaller. Also give us a nudge or comment in this post if you grabbed any buttons so we could check yours, too.

– Domeng Molina and Sabrina Palmares for rendering
– for blog button tutorial


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