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Traveling is one of my leisure whenever there’s a long holiday and extra bucks I have. I’m a budget traveler so I prefer DIY trips and backpacking adventures. Most of my trips take place in Luzon (biggest part of the Philippines) where I can go hiking, swimming, surfing (at times), and sightseeing. I really wish to go down south and as well as abroad. There are still plenty that I have to tick off my bucket list.

And speaking of traveling, how cannot we document it even with just phone camera? Although I usually bring a point and shoot cam, I still shoot with my phone so I could instantly share around the world through SNS. Not sure if many of you are familiar with VSCO CameraMost probably if you’re an “instagrammer” and you are so bored with their same old filters, VSCO is another way to spice up your images with a hint of vintage-ish and hazy feels. Instant analog yo! Though I bet analog photographers would dig it, too that’s if they are not so purist.

So apparently I’m that kind of traveler who is fond of shooting sceneries, facades, odd but cute stuff, portraits of other people instead of taking selfies-with-a-little-portion-of-the-backdrop (not to mention jumpshots too) ha ha!  With VSCO, it makes my shots more interesting and memorable or I just think. And lately they established VSCO profiles where we can follow other users around the world. But of course, I had to make myself one and I ought to post my travel photos solely. Here are some of it:



More on my travel diary on VSCO or Instagram.

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Buksan ang summer (Baler Trip)

I’m soooo lazy for posting this late! And even lazier for not giving much details. That’s for my next post, I promise. Haha! It’s just too hot these days plus I was caught between my desk job and Monsterella! But one thing’s for sure. It’s beach season so everyone can’t wait to hit the waves. Let me share some photos of my Baler experience like a couple of months ago. Hehe. I truly want to go back because of the awesomeness of this place.

After taking the 2am Five Star Bus (from Pasay), we arrived in Cabanatuan City before 4am. A UV express van was waiting and we had no choice but to take it because the public bus starts at 7am. We woke up (if ever we really had a sleep) to a wonderful view of some dams in Pantabangan (halfway to Baler). But I forgot to take some photos. Boo!

Good morning, Baler! 

Just before 9am, we reached Baler and hurriedly checked in at a beachfront lodging house and had breakfast at the “Rolling stores.” We were eager beavers to start our day trip, we had some troubles with the tricycle drivers. Note: Tricycle is the means of transportation in Baler since you won’t see any public jeepneys there. A tricycle driver serves as your guide. (More stories about the tricycle drivers and the owner of our lodging house in my next post. Yeah. It’s complicated like that.)

What to do in Baler (2 day trip)?

1. Have breakfast in Rolling stores.– Some typical carinderia that serves several dishes, name it they have it but don’t expect too much with the taste.

4/5 casts

4/5 casts

Balete tree

2. Climb up and take a pose on the 600-year-old Baler Tree. Some kids are waiting to guide you upon climbing it. They are experienced photographers, too. They know the right angle!


600-year-old Balete tree

2. River trekking to Mother Falls- Another part of the eco-trail. Tricycle drivers/guides will take you here right after dropping by Balete tree. In less than 45 minutes, you will be at the jump off to start the river crossing and hiking. We’re failed to reach the Mother falls at first try due to strong current. Yet we tried again the next day and everything was so worth it when you finally reached the grandiose falls. There’s also a small hydro power plant near the jump off site and the guides said it supplies electricity to a barangay nearby.

Mother falls

River trekking to Mother falls

Photo by Annie

Photo by Annie

4. Take some shots of the scenic view of Baler Bay before heading for Diguisit Beach.

Baler Bay

Baler Bay

5. Enjoy the splashing Diguisit Water Falls.

Diguisit Falls

Diguisit Falls

6. Picture taking and take a dip at Lukso-lukso Islets and Diguisit Beach. Feel the serene beach life here.

Lukso lukso beach and islets

Diguisit beach and Lukso lukso islets



7. Another Part of History-eco Trail is the Ermita Hill where you can find statues of one of the 7 families who survived a huge tidal waves in December of 1735. You can find the historical tunnel as well where it is believed many townsmen used it to escape the raids of the Moros and so on.


Ermita Hill


Have yourself a reward of picturesque views of the Baler bay from this hill.

Top- Cemento beachbottom- Sabang beach

Top- Cemento beach
bottom- Sabang beach


8. SURF!

At first, surfing didn’t cross my mind (and my budget) as I underestimated myself (I’m pessimistic like that). I was afraid to fall off the surfboard and get drowned haha. But when I saw all the pro and amateur surfers even my friends nailing it, I felt regretful. After a while, Teacher Candy allowed me to try it while she was taking a rest. Her trainer was a 15-year-old boy with six packs (take note haha). As expected, I couldn’t actually make it after few attempts but Angel (trainer) gave me a heads up. I couldn’t believe my eyes that I made to stand up on the board with a less than 10 minute practice. I promised myself that I shall return and do it all over again. It’s a lesson learned to me. Never underestimate yourself even if you know it’s hard but then after few (or more) attempts, you shall conquer that fear.

Surfing at Sabang Beach

Sarping pose! (I'm the apparition. hee)

Sarping (surfing) pose! (I’m the apparition. hee)

Sarping (surfing) chicks

Sarping chicks


Candy and her 15-year-old trainer, Angel (Whatta abs!)

me surf


9. Breakfast at Bay’s Inn

Second day was to enjoy the breakfast at Bay’s Inn, visit Ampere beach, and most of all, conquering the Mother falls. We were not able to cross the river on day 1 due to strong current so we decided to go back on the next day and our efforts were all worth it when we reached the majestic falls. The view was breathtaking. It’s my first time to see raging water falls like that. The water was so cold and refreshing. Too bad we had to hurriedly go back to our lodge to check out. We weren’t able to do the historical sites but that’s another reason to go back aside from surfing. Hehe. Breakfast at Bay’s Inn We started day 2 by eating breakfast at Bay’s Inn. They offer buffet that costs around 150php/person but we opted to share some meals since we wanted to taste home-cooked soup and vegetables. We ordered blue marlin sinigang, Pinakbet, and yangchow rice. We had no regrets because they all tasted so good. You will love it, too. Moreover, nothing’s more fun than to eat breakfast watching people playing with the waves. bays inn 10. Ampere beach. Unlike the other shores along Baler bay, this one is full of small and big stones, those our moms and grannys use to rub on their skin. haha! SAMSUNG

Ampere beach

Ampere beach

boy/girl band

boyband, yes?

(to be continued…)

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Life in Low-res 2: Film is not dead


Hello! That was quite a short hiatus. All I did was work, work, and work. But oh, I’ve been prepping for something cool that’s why you have to stay tune. Notice my new header? Yes, I changed it for a much better and broader blog. It means this blog (Hello Cheechako) will showcase more of my crafty side back to back with (mis)adventures and daily musings, and other things I’m digging in. I’ll do my very best to make this a nifty place as possible. I love suggestions and violent reactions, so comment here if you want. 🙂

Meanwhile, this post is certainly about Lomomanila event that was held last year. I forgot so many details though it was mainly about lomography exhibit by some enthusiasts here in the PH. There were pop-up shops in the event as well and we (Monsterella) had a chance to consign some items with Twee Shop. We made special LOMO sleeping masks for this event and to our delight, many grabbed their own for the love of film cameras.


Pixlr express never stops impressing me so I made something new for my photos plus the washi tape clip arts from Pugly Pixel. Check out my Life in Low-res pt.1: It’s a Washi day for some washi actions. I go crazy about washi tapes since the first time I stumbled on it. Now I’m patiently waiting for my order from Heykessy for my current diy project. 

Till my next post,