Make up dilemma solved!

I’m not really a fan of make up/cosmetics. I’m the one who just go to work wearing BB cream and lip gloss. Sometimes, no make up at all. Though I admit I often look pale/plain especially on the webcam (I teach ESL online) or client meet ups. Also found out how haggard I looked during craft fairs because of skipping make up rituals. Of course, it’s okay if I just go to the grocery or hang out with friends, but not ALL times. I can still recall how my Personal Development prof would reiterate “Put on make up, you zombies!”.

So glad my favorite blogs gave me some rays of sun by sharing something about easy-peasy yet outstanding make up tutorial and inspirations.

Minna May– Aside from her talents in illustration and graphic design, I dig her taste in fashion, too.

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A bold lip how-to on Frankie Mag online!

Because I’m always on the go (and I hate heavy make up), totally trying some of these! I promised myself I will wear red lips on Fridays. My students start to notice it now. Perhaps I’m quite excited to kiss the weekend hello and try to look fresh even after a helluva week. I go crazy with coral and nude lippies, too. What shade are you into? x


Another Minna So tip, slightly blot a tissue on your lips after you apply your lipstick to make the lip color long lasting. More of her beauty tips here.


Red lip Fridays selfie hihi


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