Indie Music Fix

Haven’t posted my indie music fix here so here it goes. I’m thinking of making this as another blog series since my heart really goes for music particularly indie. I usually get to know them from my fave music bloggers, friends’ mixtapes, and other indie mixtapes on the web especially SEA INDIE (South East Asian Indie). Sometimes, I accidentally catch them perform live and search more about their music and next thing I know, I’m having LSS already. This is how music inspires me, too. I listen to these while making my own craft, when I’m on my way office, while having breaks at work, when I feel down. Music is contagious, indeed.

1. Eyedress– Nature Trips 

Philippines must be proud of having Eyedress as one of its local blooming artists. I’m dying to see him perform live. Also, one of my girl crushes is her girlfriend, Maya Kibbel. They are my fave internet couple, haha! Anyhow, he’s music is such brilliant. I love his playful synths and washed out vocals.  Other songs I’m fond of are White Lies, Everything We Touch Turns Into Gold, and so one. Know more about him here.

2. Spazzkid– Magical Oahu

Not from his current album “Desire” but definitely one of my faves. Mark Redito’s also one half of My Parasol believe me they are so fancy. Spacetalk  makes me feel like dancing while being high on love. Back to “Desire”, can’t choose what’s the best because they are all. Take some time to listen and support him by purchasing it for only $10 USD. Check out the limited edition “Desire” T-shirt, it’s too pretty I’m getting myself one. (Hello self, you’re broke again.) HEE

 3. The Strange Creatures– Stargazer

A friend shared this on Facebook and J started to play it on repeat. But he forgot their name so we lost track of it for a while. Good thing I saw this mixtape post and it’s one of them. My heart skipped a beat because other tracks in the compilation were so good like Ang Bandang Shirley- Polygonal Graphs and the next track–

4. No Rome– Tru Feelings

Liz of Spellboundph was the one who mentioned about No Rome. They performed at one of Heima’s design talks + live music events but sadly I wasn’t able to catch it. Good thing this track also belonged to the latest SEA INDIE mixtape and I just said “Wow!” while listening to it. Hope to catch them live soon.

That’s all for now. As you know, the ones I featured here are all proudly Filipino but their music is definitely world-class, IMHO. Do you dig any of these, too?




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