10a Alabama haul


Another Arts and Crafts Fair was held at 10a Alabama last July 20-21. Which means another haul! In fact, it’s been over a year since Monsterella joined 10a Alabama. We’ve met most of the crafters/ sellers along the way. One way of helping each other is to buy or sometimes we do “X-deals” where we exchange our handmade goodies instead (that’s the most exciting part ikr). You get what you love and they get what they love among your work. What a very sweet deal. There are always a lot of wonderful stuff at the fair. Your wallet should get ready for it.

As for me, I really need to control my expenses since I buy a lot in previous fairs, I got to take home these cuties nonetheless.

top L-R: Inkylivie place cards, “believe” bracelet from Bits and Pieces PH aka hellogelibee, Austen scent by Aromateria Scents and Sensibilities

bottom L-R: leather purse from Bags by Rubbertree and wooden clothespins from Artefacts

Inkylivie  paper goods are so pretty. She also has 4 piece cards with envelopes for 200 pesos only and more. All designs were hand-drawn by her too bad I wasn’t able to take photos. I did last minute shopping that time. I bought these as Thank you cards for my birthday mail swap.

Geli, also a part of Pop pins, finally launched her own line of hand-picked and handmade goodies through Bits and Pieces and this bracelet belonged to it. I chose “believe” for so many reasons. Check out her on stock items.

I’ve been dying to try solid perfume by Aromateria and take note I got it through an X-deal. I traded a crafting apron for the Austen scent. She loved it and used it right away to attract other customers/sellers. Instant endorser, indeed. Told you, X-deal is the sweetest thing. I’m not sure if solid perfumes are just new in the market but I find her scents really good and handy. I just wish I wouldn’t mistaken it as my lip balm haha. She also offers other aroma therapy products all handmade with love.

Next is what I consider a gift to myself. I totally love all the bags and other leather crafts of Bags by Rubbertree. So hip and long-lasting for sure. Selection of colors is wide and catchy. I wish to buy me their sling bag, too. I need to work harder for it, though. Lastly, we needed clothespins to hang our totes and they just came in handy.

I swear there are more goodies I really love but I will just save my money for the next fair. Hope you can take a visit at 10a Alabama. If you’re from Quezon City, it’s just nearby St. Lukes, E. Rodriguez. I just mentioned a few here to give you ideas of what to check out at the fair. I also made another quick shop guide here. The most thrilling part is everything you see at the fair were all handmade and designed by the crafters/sellers. You may also have a chit-chat with them.

See you there next time?



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