Nifty Links 2

1. Whimsical Mini Calendar 2013 Freebie from THEINKNEST

Who would resist these beautiful illustrations on a calendar? I look forward to a more exciting 2013 because of this. Download your own copy now. I just did and can’t wait to print them all.

2. DIY Striped Notebooks by PAPERNSTITCH

Because I go crazy about notebooks and washi tapes! I need slim ones, nevertheless.

3. Newspaper Washi Tapes by Hey Kessy

I recently purchased my news silk tape and it’s wonderful. It came with a pink striped baker’s twine. I also joined Mansy’s mail swap and I will definitely use them. Yipee!

Been sticking my nose in bulk orders and preparation for the next craft fair Monsterella will be joining. I have to make DIY business cards, too. That’s on Nov. 10-11 already and you can’t imagine how we cram.Hey, friends in the metro, please drop by. Loads of handmade treats that will definitely suit your budget for the holiday season will be up for grabs. Let’s support handmade by this.

How do you like these treats? Go ahead and check their posts. 🙂

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