Nifty Links: 3 Lovely Things I’m Into

If there’s a good thing about killing (so much) of my time surfing the internet, that would be browsing DIY tutorials and stuff. It’s way better than just lurking on social networking sites, no? I learn and get inspired from awesome craft blogs I stumble upon. If only you could see the list of my bookmarks, they are way numerous! So why don’t I share them with you? Yes, you! Whether you dig crafts or not.

It’s basically about featured blog posts or tutorials I chanced upon on the interwebz! It might be helpful for you, too. I’m still thinking of a certain day for posting this kind of stuff.

Here are some of ’em:

1. Custom monograms by

WARNING! It’s very addictive!

Floral Monograms

There are so many cool varieties to choose from– vintage, silhouette, nautical, and so on. They also offer custom invits, RSVP, and save the date printables all for FREE!  So if you are getting married soon or know some couples, this site will help you create whimsy wedding party ideas.

Though I’m not getting married anytime soon, I still made some for me and for this blog–instant logo! Customize the design you opted by indicating names or dates. There are pretty colors to choose from as well. Then ready to print!

Also planning to have these printed and posted on my wall. Very nifty, isn’t it? Check out their custom phone wallpapers, too.

2. 7 DIY Business Cards Ideas from papernstitch

Bazaar season is just around the corner and one of the necessary stuff on your station is your business card. Make it simple yet creative just like the DIY tips here. That’s what I want for the next craft fair that Monsterella will be joining. I should start making some soon! Hehe. Check out “How To Make Origami Business Card Holder by How About Orange“, too.

3. DIY Hand Carved Stamp Tutorial by Minna May

Alright. I’m dying to have stamps ever since and to make one made me thrilled. Stamps are useful for business cards, snailmails, or gift wrapping, and so much more. I couldn’t attend some workshops here in MNL so I googled DIY tutorials and to my delight, I stumbled upon this pleasant blog. All the materials are in my to-buy-list now. A MUST!

That’s a wrap! Which one caught your eyes? Tell me if you find them nifty, too! Let’s make some of it. Yes?


My blogroll’s feature awesome craft bloggers/enthusiasts. It’s just on the right sidebar. 🙂




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