Life in Low-res 3: In the Neighborhood

Just noticed I post life in low-res entries back to back with my travel/hiking stories. Well, that’s all I’ve have so far in this blog. Check out my newly-made custom menu (see navigation above) to keep track of these two categories. I will have a room for diy/craft projects as well soon. Ahh! I want too many things in life and hopefully universe will grant me time and perseverance for it. Been occupied with Monsterella work and regular job woes these days. Good God!

To start with, there’s nothing really special about my neighborhood. It’s a kind of slum area, I admit. I moved there late last year. Only good thing is it’s a 4-storey apartment building and I occupied a room in the third floor. At least, the noise and the unpleasant sights are somehow reduced. It has a rooftop where I standby at times to get some fresh air. It has a good view of the North Harbor and Manila bay, too. When the sky is clear enough, it gives a silhouette view of a mountain probably in Bataan.

Not so good view of North Harbor it is.


Next eyesore is this dull building. I wonder how and why they came up with this structure.

Photo story: They seem like buddies hiding but their heads are too big to be hidden. Making it easier for their enemies to seek them. HAHA. (Sorry. Been watching video documentaries about WAR in Afghanistan so I came up with this.)

That’s all the I could shoot around my not-so-cool neighborhood. How I wish I was living in a serene, green, and cool place. I would take a walk around and sit on a bench overseeing lush green trees and blooming flowers. I would definitely take lots of photos then. I smell fresh air. No noise pollution around. Everything was dreamy and picturesque. Guess it’s in a countryside. Far from the urban jungle we’ve been struggling all through years. That’s why I love to travel and go hiking to see what I always picture in my mind. I just don’t want to go back at times.

Much more of a neighborhood is no one else but neighbors. The people you see around and get to deal with sometimes. For me, they are my co-tenants in the said apartment. They are typical but snob neighbors. They just talk to you when they have complaints or something. I remain civil to them no matter what. However, I’m planning to move to a much better one as soon as possible.

There, I thought I could possibly make this post a pleasant one but turned out to be a room for my rants. Forgive me.

Searching for a cool neighborhood,

Joycee x


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