Life in Low-res 2: Film is not dead


Hello! That was quite a short hiatus. All I did was work, work, and work. But oh, I’ve been prepping for something cool that’s why you have to stay tune. Notice my new header? Yes, I changed it for a much better and broader blog. It means this blog (Hello Cheechako) will showcase more of my crafty side back to back with (mis)adventures and daily musings, and other things I’m digging in. I’ll do my very best to make this a nifty place as possible. I love suggestions and violent reactions, so comment here if you want. 🙂

Meanwhile, this post is certainly about Lomomanila event that was held last year. I forgot so many details though it was mainly about lomography exhibit by some enthusiasts here in the PH. There were pop-up shops in the event as well and we (Monsterella) had a chance to consign some items with Twee Shop. We made special LOMO sleeping masks for this event and to our delight, many grabbed their own for the love of film cameras.


Pixlr express never stops impressing me so I made something new for my photos plus the washi tape clip arts from Pugly Pixel. Check out my Life in Low-res pt.1: It’s a Washi day for some washi actions. I go crazy about washi tapes since the first time I stumbled on it. Now I’m patiently waiting for my order from Heykessy for my current diy project. 

Till my next post,




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