Seolak mountain in SK

Seolak mountain in SK

It’s always pleasant to meet somebody whom you share your interests with especially if he/she is one of your students. Sunny, a manager at a car manufacturing company also goes hiking on his free weekends as his hobby. Recently, he went on a 3-hour traverse alone just to refresh and to feel rejuvenated after a hard day’s work. I was left in awe! Three hours? (He, already!) But then I found out most of the mountain trails in Korea are already well-established. What I mean by this is, they just basically step on concrete stairs just like what we see in Baguio! Every mountain is a national park for them which I find really impressive. However, if we’ll compare with the trails here in the Philippines. Well, our trails are just made especially for us to know the meaning of the word “struggle.” Yes? Nonetheless, I think most of the mountaineers wish to go hiking abroad just like me. So far, I’m just being a little ambitious imagining myself hiking in Japan or SK. At least not in the Himalayas yet. HAHA! It’s free to dream so why not dream the highest?

Photo credits: Sunny (my Korean student)


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