Hello, Cheechako!

I know myself that I want to blog about something. Something about me that I want to share with others. And yes it’s all about my journey in this thing called life. Basically, I want to share about my passion– ESL (English as second language) teaching and my craft business– Monsterella Plush Art. I’d also like to account my (mis)adventures and wanderings as I take the path to the mountains and shores. Lastly, this will also house my thought balloons about our daily struggles in life. Although we rant and muse sometimes but in the end we still want some thoughts to ponder and share it with our fellow readers (if I will ever have some).

In fact, I just updated my About page and you might want to read. I will rekindle with this blog in the name of cheechako. Yes, just read the About page. 🙂

I tried blogging before in tumblr but it turned out as a photo blog. I also made one in blogger but I didn’t like the interface or I’m just not really good at customizing layout. It doesn’t end there nonetheless. I want to try once again and make sure I could keep it for the rest of the years. And one day, I would find myself being nostalgic while laughing at my entries.

That’s all for now. This is just my selfish little act. Nobody will do it but me so all I have to do is to keep it. Cheers to prolific journeys! Never get tired to spread the word.




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