Date with a nurse


Chadolbegi Fridays at Donu Korean Grill

Apparently, it was a Good Friday. Koreans don’t observe Holy Week so they were open and serving meat. Aaah! We’re sorry but we just love Korean grilled beef (chadolbegi). At least we ate a lot of greens like lettuce and pamuchim (green onion side dish). It was also a night to hang out with Nurse Ara. We used to call her Teacher Ara since we were co-workers before but then she pursued her ultimate dream— to be a nurse. And this was her treat for us. Wee! Way to go! Take care of us when we get sick (but I don’t wanna get sick). hihi.

Looking forward to more Chadolbegi Fridays and for sure Ahjumma* will love us more.

Your chadolbegi lover,


*Ahjumma– married woman, mother in Korean.


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